Yes, I said YES in 2015!

What a year. WHAT. A. YEAR! I travelled the world, checking off another world wonder with my mom, witnessed sports history (triple crown), laughed A Lot with dear friends, and fell in love. Yes, you read that last one correctly. I fell in love and wait for it… I’m getting married in 2016! What a difference a year makes. I rarely talk about my personal love life on social media and this will probably be the last time I do. BUT I wanted to share my very own love story for all those single ladies out there who think it will never happen to them. So here it goes…

For about the last 8 years all I have heard was “Why are you single?”, “You are too picky”, “You are too into your career”. My parents, my siblings, my best friends were all asked “why isn’t Jeane married” as if there was something the matter with me. Here’s the deal, I was just living my life, knowing I would find the right guy for me, in time. Trust me, ask my friends, I wasn’t ALWAYS optimistic. It wasn’t as if I WASN’T looking. I went out on lots of dates (I could write a book), I did, I did matchmakers, I went out on blind dates, heck I even went on the Steve Harvey show. I dated a couple guys seriously. I got my heart broken, I cried, I broke some hearts, and I’m sure made some cry. And I would do it all over again. I learned a lot about myself. The most important thing I learned was not to settle. I knew what I was looking for. At times it wasn’t easy especially the older I got.  However, I took advantage of being single. I did everything I wanted to do and crossed off a LOT of things on my bucket list. I spent that time discovering myself and made sure I was having fun too! And then last year when I least expected it I met a guy who turned my world upside down (in a good way). He told me on our first date he was going to marry me and then told my mom two weeks later the same thing. He was funny, smart, successful, single, looking to settle down, had a kind heart, and did I mention incredible sexy. Too good to be true, right? Wrong. My sisters joked he IS my Clark Kent (I love superman); the nonexistent guy I dreamed of. He was MY perfect match. He’s not perfect, neither am I but together we are. And when he got down on one knee (he’s 6’7 so that took a lot of effort) and asked me to spend the rest of my life laughing with him I laughed and said YES!

I waited a long time to get married and I’m glad I did because he was worth the wait. So to all my single ladies who’s friends are married with kids (I have friends that have kids in HIGH SCHOOL!!) take your time and enjoy YOUR life. Travel, do things you never thought you would, go on lots of dates (don’t pay money for a matchmaker though), get your heart broken, cry, drink wine, dance with your friends, sing, MAKE SURE to be happy for others, do crazy things, don’t worry about being alone because you are not! And your Mr. Right is out there and you will find each other. I believe Mr. Right is just a cherry on top. So while you are waiting for the cherry,  bake a fabulous cake with delicious frosting!

And to all you married or in relationship people PLEASE don’t ask why someone is single! It’s not a bad thing.

Remember this is MY story, everyone’s is different.


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