We’re Pregnant, AGAIN!

In case you haven’t heard; WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! We figured since we still have no clue what we are doing with the first we’d throw another one in the mix 🙂

We are a little more than 20 weeks meaning we are halfway there. So far this pregnancy has been very similar to my first. Weeks 2 – 16 were miserable. I was throwing up and nauseous pretty much every minute of every day. I’m not sure why they call it morning sickness. Granted, I was sick in the morning as well as afternoon straight into the evening. It should be called “All day sickness”. On top of that I was extremely exhausted, all normal, but I felt this time was worse. My doctor informed me that I should be more exhausted this time.  After all, I’m chasing a toddler who is constantly on the GO! She made a good point! Needless to say when week 16 hit, I was feeling a lot better. I forgot how much I loved the second trimester. 

And if you are wondering. We do not know the sex and will not be finding out! We didn’t with Coakley either. There are just so few surprises in life. I actually enjoy not knowing (however, I believe I’m having another boy!). People ask if I want a girl and to be honest I just want a healthy and CALM child 🙂 But I’m not sure about the calm, so far, this child is just like his/her older brother; nonstop movement. 

Thank you so much for all the well wishes. We are really excited. As for Coakley, he’ll be two in April and just points to everyone’s stomach and says baby. He has no clue what’s coming and I think he’ll like the idea of being a big brother. Just one more person he can boss around. 

Not a care in the world.

We do need to work on holding a baby!

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