It’s so hard to say good bye…

One week ago I said  good bye to my New York City apartment. The place I called home for 8 years. Eight YEARS! That’s a lifetime for me! Before that it seemed like 2 years was the longest I ever lived in one state!

It was love at first sight for me, when I saw apartment 1102 on west 38th street in Manhattan. I knew the moment the broker opened the door, I was home. I moved into the two bedroom apartment with my younger sister almost a decade ago. We both starting new jobs in the concrete jungle and believe me, had NO idea how to navigate this fabulous city.

The memories made in 1102 and living in New York will be forever some of my greatest. That apartment had been my rock and my haven. It saw everything and I mean EVERYTHING!  From anxiety to excitement, parties, to broken hearts, lots of tears and laughter and plenty of adventure.  The rooftop saw friendships blossom, spectacular city views, cool breezes, and very late nights. I brought my baby boy home from the hospital to that apartment.  It watched me grow from a single lady to a first time mom.  This apartment helped my sister grow into a magnificint young woman. If those walls could talk (thank goodness they can’t!) they could tell quite a story! 

I now live in Stamford, Connecticut.  It’s only 42 miles from the Big Apple. And I’m still there a lot for work. I know, to hear me talk I have moved to Sibera!  But my son now has A LOT  more space to explore and daddy doesn’t have to do a two hour commute. It’s definitely a change and I still haven’t adjusted to being a “commuter”.  I am extremely lucky, I can say not only did I live in Manhattan for 8 years. I thrived. It’s now time for a new adventure.  

1102, you will always have a special place in my heart. I will miss you dearly.

 “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of. There’s nothing you can’t do…” ~Alicia Keyes

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