My Chat with Sheldon Richardson

This past Tuesday I had the opportunity to interview the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year, the one and only, Mr. Sheldon Richardson. I was in Houston doing a feature story with Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson (more on that in the upcoming weeks 🙂 ) and Sheldon was there as well.  Sheldon is a proud Mizzou alum. As many of you are aware, the University of Missouri is making headlines because of Michael Sam. Sam, also a former Mizzou football star, recently announced he was gay.

Of course it was discussed by Sheldon and the other football players who were also there training. And I can say this, whether it was on or off camera, the feeling was the same; NO one cares.  They were more concerned with a player’s ability to play football and help win games then with their sexual orientation. And believe me, if you know Sheldon, you know he doesn’t hold back. He speaks the truth, sometimes too much 🙂

Sheldon spoke highly of his former teammate and housemate and I could tell he genuinely respected Sam. I don’t think he is the only one. It is amazing, in today’s world, that after Sam came out to his teammates in August that it remained a secret until now. And it was revealed by Sam on his own terms. To me, that just shows how much respect and love people have for him.

I hope one of these days this won’t even be an issue. Here’s my interview with Sheldon Richardson:



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