Me and My Mom

I just got back from the best vacation! Four days in the Caribbean; White sandy beaches, crystal blue water, and lots of sun.  It was heavenly but the best part of the trip was spending four solid days with just my mom.

I am blessed to have an amazing role model in my life. My mom is truly a superwoman; She’s a mom of five, a wife, a friend, and an exceptional special education teacher. As you can imagine its not that often I get “alone time” with my her. So, when I do, I cherish it.

The funny thing is, we didn’t do much on this trip. We swam, ate, read, laid out, and just enjoyed each other’s company. She’s the kindest, funniest, and strongest woman I know.  I wish I could have known my mom when she was younger. But then again I wouldn’t be me if she wasn’t my mother, right? 🙂

Growing up my mom wasn’t my best friend she was my mother and thank goodness she was. I needed her to be just my mom. To support me, push me, lecture me, let me fall, and watch me succeed.  Now in my 30s I still need her to be my mom but also my best friend. If you get a chance spend some quality time with your mom. I highly recommend it be a trip to the Caribbean 🙂

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