March and ALL its Madness

I figured that since it’s the first of May I should probably post about my month of March. I guess I needed the month of April to come down off my high. (In case you are wondering, I’m still in the clouds 🙂 )

It’s no secret that March is my favorite month. Yes, it’s my birthday month and that’s a huge factor but it’s also the most exciting month in college sports with the NCAA basketball Tournament and the arrival of Spring  (however, it’s May and I’m still waiting). This March was by far one of the best.

It began by covering some great college basketball games, including the first round of the tournament in Buffalo, New York. Ok, so Buffalo isn’t the most ideal place to visit in March BUT the city knows how to host the tourney plus Syracuse and the eventual champions, UConn were there. I enjoyed watching some exciting games and glad I was able to meet and interview Kevin Ollie and Shabazz Napier. Both are class acts and happy they won the tournament.

While in Buffalo I visited Niagara Falls. It was one of our first family trips  but it’s always fun to go back as an adult and appreciate it’s beauty. However, it was COLD.

So, after a weekend in Buffalo I came home to fly out to Chicago the very next day. I headed to the windy city to appear on the Steve Harvey Show. My sisters emailed Steve and asked if he could help find my *true love*  (the joys of little sisters 🙂 ). I love Steve and wasn’t about to pass up an opportunity to meet him. Was I dreaming?  A stretch limo picked me up from the airport, I stayed in the Hyatt downtown Chicago and felt like a star (even if was just for day).  My twin sisters were there to support me, seeing how they roped me in. As for the guys, well, they were all super nice but not really my type.  Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and go with the flow!

Of course I wrapped up my birthday month with a spur of the moment trip with one of my favorite people. Michelle and I saw a picture of the Island of Mytilene in Greece on Earthpics, booked our adventure and off we went. We had a crazy busy week drinking wine, meeting the natives, and exploring. And on my actual birthday, we had plenty of cake, plenty of sparklers, and a Greek musician to sing happy Birthday to me on stage . Yes, I wore a crown.

So thank you March for being fabulous. My lesson learned during the month was to just have more fun in life… good ol’ fashion fun. And don’t take life so serious. Do things you love; heck I went on a national television show to make fun of myself.  Do something spontaneous with lots of laughter, I promise it’s good for the soul.


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