Happy Birthday, Eric!

Dear Eric,

35 years old! Wow. You are getting old, my dear friend 😉 Do you remember when we were younger and you teased me about being a month and half older than me?  You drove before me, went to bars before me, well now I’m laughing at you!  Now, you are more than welcome to be older 🙂  Where has the time gone. I feel like it was just yesterday we were care-free kids without any worries.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those simpler days. Me, you, Matt, and Joe, spending our summers riding four wheelers, exploring, building tree forts, playing in the hay and sawdust.  Our trips to Chazy lake, 4th of Julys, open house on the base, our love of WWF.  And how about before catching the bus? How many times did we watch “The Goonies”? Or play with your Hess trucks. Of course when we got older, we stepped up our game. Spotlight tag, “borrowing” cookies from the neighbors, bond fires, stealing signs, and one of my favorite things we did; driving around for hours. I cherish those days.

I have WAY too many memories of you Mr. Eric Pellerin. I haven’t watch Smallville, I can’t without you. So we’ll have to catch up on it when I see you next. And yes I still pretty much boss everyone around and you still are one of the few that calls me on my crap.  When I’m home I look out my parents back window and see you riding your four wheeler up the hill and think “what is he doing?”.  Our rose garden is still blooming (I can hear you saying “Jeane, what are you doing now?”). I know you are laughing at me and shaking your head at my nonsense but I know you are proud.

Happy Birthday, Eric!  Probably somewhere drinking your beer with that sweet grin of yours today and just know I’m laughing because you are older than me 🙂

Miss and love you,


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